Ideas for writing blog posts

Can’t think of what to write?

If you can’t think of a great idea for a blog post – there are many ways to go about discovering them. Sometimes it is best to wait for a couple days and then try again.

Read books. 

Books are wonderful places to find material for a blog post.  One of the most fascinating things about reading books for blogging inspiration is that you will find a subject not related to blogging then use that topic to illustrate something important about blogging.

Go for a stroll in the park. Or the beach.

Walking relieves stress. One way to overcome writer’s block, or bloggers’ block lol, is to unwind and relax by getting outside. A good way to do that is to take a leisurely walk. Listen to the birds sing. Look at all the flowers. Check out the trees and their leaves. Walk next to the creek. Once you unwind from your walk, you’ll come up with a good idea for a blog post.

Go to the movies.

I don’t mean Netflix. I mean go to the real movie theater. What you need is a REAL movie theater, the darkness, the wonderful smells, you need to kick back in a movie theater chair and stretch your legs. Buy at least one candy bar and a HUGE bag of popcorn, freshly popped and drowned in enough rich warm butter to waterboard it. Don’t forget the beverage. These items all help put you in the frame of mind to really enjoy the movie fully. Bloggers have come up with excellent ideas from movies. You will too. Can’t you smell the fresh popcorn? Man I have GOT to go pop some right now!

Perhaps what you need is a diversion – Play a video game like Battle Pirates.

Video games are a great way to take a break from blogging and to engage with something else for a while. I play Battle Pirates as a diversion. I am part of an alliance  and we take on other rogue alliances in the game. The fighting is realistic and neither side gives any quarter. This game is on Facebook. You should give it a try – it is very fun and dangerously addictive. I need to write a blog post about it sometime.

One of the best ways to get inspiration for blogging is to read other great blogs.


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These are just a few of the best blogs about blogging and social media that will really fire up your imagination. The trick is to get all fired up about what they say then find a new angle and repackage it. Reading great bloggers is a wonderful way to find inspiration for your own blog posts. It also helps to read blogs outside your niche.

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